Odyssey Television Network

Odyssey Television has four CRTC television broadcast licences.
Odyssey 1 is the flagship network which offers programming from
Antenna Satellite, the top Greek network broadcasting
internationally. Antenna Satellite was launched in 1993 by Antenna
ANT1), the mother network back in Greece; to accommodate the
viewing needs of Greeks living abroad.

Odyssey 2 is the second network which offers programming from
ERT Sat (ERT World), Greece’s government station. ERT Sat (ERT
World) has created a special program, consisting of the
broadcasts of the three national Greek channels, NET, ET-1, ET-3,
RIC and its own specialized programs, targeted at the global
promotion of Greece. Odyssey 1 is carried on all major cable and
satellite providers. Odyssey 2 (ERT Sat) is currently offered on
Rogers Cable, Bell TV and Videotron Cable.
OTN 1&2 both, target all segments of the Greek communities
across Canada.

As well as programming from Greece, Odyssey keeps Canada's
regional Greek communities informed and in touch with each other
through coverage of community events and issues with daily
national news coverage and weekly reports from the Hellenic
communities of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Odyssey TV has
become an important part of the cultural life of every Canadian of
Hellenic origin. The majority of programming is in the Greek
language, with some English and French programming reflecting
the fact that Greeks have been in Canada for several generations.

Broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week in full digital
splendor with news talk shows, movies, live sports, concerts
sitcoms, soap operas, special events, children's shows - OTN1
and OTN2 have them all.
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Odyssey Television Network